City guide: Copenhagen

February 24, 2017

Denmark was recently voted the world's happiest country and Copenhagen the most "liveable" city, by The Independent. Therefore, why wouldn't this city be on your destination hit list. 


Copenhagen is undeniably cool. The Scandinavian vibes shine through and navigating your way through this hip city is very easy. 

The city is compact and can be seen over a long weekend. We visited in January and the weather is cold, it's the kind of cold that stays in your bones for a while and the moisture in the air is felt when walking around.

A strong recommendation would be to purchase a "Copenhagen card", depending on how long you are staying it is pre-paid with over 70 attractions, transport and museums. 


Below I've compiled my suggestions of how to do Copenhagen on a budget and over the space of a short time. 


1. Urban House 


If you're on a budget then the obvious solution to accommodation would be to stay in an Airbnb or a hostel. In this instance it was a hostel. Well I say hostel, hostel prices but hotel standard quality. Urban House is situated in the very trendy neighbourhood of Vesterbro - the popular "meat packing district". The hostel is located a stones throw away from the main railway station. (Take the train to Malmo in Sweden perhaps?)

The hostel offers free wifi, common room areas, a  bar, laundry facilities and 24 reception.  


For more information, check out their website here: 



2. The Lego Store


When in Denmark...  the Lego flagship store is situated on a busy shopping street in the city centre. If you are on Vimmelskafet then take a  peek in. If you're a massive Lego fan, then this place is nirvana to you. The shop has a vast array of exclusive kits available only to that store and you can have the chance to build you own Lego figurines at a reasonable price. (For a set of three little Lego legends, was £6.00) There is also large scale models in the shop and one made up of the Nyhavn area in Copenhagen. Which leads me onto my next point...

 Plenty blocks to choose from at the Lego Store.



3. Nyhavn


This is the most iconic place in the whole city. Long ago, this area would be where sailors would dock their ships and head to the ale house looking for some lady friends. However, nowadays the sides of the harbour host a variety of cafes and restaurants. The typical marzipan colored houses are a great photo opportunity and quintessentially Danish. 

Walk down the sides and cross over the bridge, on one side there is a small shop dedicated to Hans Christian Anderson - he lived at number 67. 


 Higgidly pigeldy houses on Nyhvn. 


This shop sold a wide selection of souvenirs and postcards. 

 Snow on Nyhavn, although the colourful houses brighten it up. 


4.  Kunsthal Charlottenborg


This museum is located right on the Nyhavn, and if you are into modern art and large scale art installations then this is the place for you. This place is free if you have a Copenhagen card. Otherwise, expect to pay around £6.50 for entrance. This place has ever changing exhibitions all year round so I'd recommend checking out what's on before you venture. 

 One of the more unusual exhibitions 

 The outside of Charlottenborg, please note the bizarre exterior.


5. Boat tours


Throughout Copenhagen there is a variety of different boat tours. Much like Amsterdam, the boats are glass roofed and are small in height so they can get under the many bridges and fit through the canals. The tour we did was no longer than an hour, and this was a perfect duration. You can see sights such as the famous Little Mermaid statue, the modern Opera house, Amailenborg Palace and the beautiful Danish houses alongside the canals. You can usually get a boat tour from Nyhavn or the Gammel Strand. I'd suggest a boat tour to rest your feet during the day and to also see the city from a different perspective. 

 The peaceful canals in the early morning. 


6. Christiana 


This is quite an unusual haunt to suggest however, Denmark's Hippie commune is somewhere you should  try and visit .

The commune was founded in the 1970's as part of a social experiment. The area is often called "Freetown" and this is because, in a sense they have their own rules and way of thinking. What you can see in this area is gritty street art and murals. Alongside some places to eat and to shop. There is a tolerance to drug use and I wouldn't recommend flaunting your camera about for photos. The cafe we went to served organic produce and was reasonably priced. You should try the hemp beer in this neighbourhood too.  

 Get lost in this area and you'll more than likely come across some cool street art. 

 Hanging outside this graffiti area. 


This is one of the skate park areas that is decorated by local artists. 



6. Christiansborg Palace


In contrast to the last destination, this is where the Danish royals and their rich history reside. Here you will find large glorious state rooms, chandeliers, historical paintings and tapestry. Underneath the royal reception rooms there are the ruins of the original castle. The walls and ruins are lit up and you can wander around finding out about why they had to rebuilt this castle, multiple times. There is also the Royal kitchen and stables. This place is nice if you want to learn about the Danes and their history. The interiors are also well kept and this probably has something to do with the sexy blue plastic shoes covers you have to wear whilst you are inside. The palace also has a gift shop and lockers for storage.


 Inside the grand reception rooms


 Just before the entrance to the grounds of the Palace.


Copenhagen is a perfect destination for a weekend away, there is Scandinavian cool culture and historical sites to see. In terms of cost, it is part of Scandinavia and isn't the cheapest place to visit in Europe. However, if you are willing to try the Danish pastries fresh from the bakeries instead of splurging big bucks on a breakfast then you will save money there. Also, take advantage of the transport links around the city.





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