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July 20, 2017


We can't deny that social media can influence our decisions in life. Furthermore, seeing high quality images and content from around the world undoubtedly creates an impact on us. 

I have to admit I am a social media junkie, an industrial strength user and my favourite platform is Instagram - Purely from a photography point of view. Don't get me wrong I still actively use Facebook and Twitter, but from a travel perspective and seeking inspiration, Instagram is the way forward. 


I've compiled a list of my favourite online travel influencers  and organisations which vary in content, from budget travel to the dreamiest of luxury trips from the U.K. and abroad.


Let's start with Instagram - I'm interested in the destinations and I have to say that I don't care too much for an overly edited image, photo-shopping people out of images is in my opinion is disingenuous and not realistic to travel.

 Therefore, these people showcase a destination for what it actually is and shows the real life destination, which is something I look for!

(Don't get me wrong, I enjoy  and use the odd Instagram filter) 




Instagram name: @icelandic_explorer


I have a soft spot for Iceland, and well anything Scandinavian for that matter and this guy's feed is full Icelandic travel inspiration. Gunnar Freyr is a talented photographer and isn't afraid of heading off into the real rural Iceland to capture a shot. Follow him if you're interested in the Icelandic landscape and hardy wildlife found there!





Instagram name: @annapurnauna


I've followed Annapurna for quite a while now and I am endlessly impressed with her content. A global traveller, she has an eye for capturing people and I enjoy her descriptive posts which seem to tell a story of the destination. I enjoy her close up detailed portrait photography too. 


I stumbled across Annapurnauna whilst following @roam.magazine - a digital travel magazine with high quality images and photo essays. 




Instagram name: @moray_banff_buchan


This account is somewhat my "homesick fix", I'm from the North East of Scotland and I miss the countryside and coastal routes found there. @moray_banff_buchan posts almost daily content of the scenery, the Scotch Whisky trail and historical buildings from all around Moray and Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you've never made a trip to this part of Scotland before then this account will make you want to visit! 



Instagram name: @travelling_notebook 


A professional "digital nomad" and with over 60 countries under her belt. This account will provide you with travel inspiration. Each of her photographs is destination tagged which allows you to see where exactly the picture was taken. Each photograph tends to be a different country and she's not shy from visiting places off of the beaten track. 




Instagram name: @rayawashere


Raya's feed will create feelings of envy and it's easy to see why.  A full time traveller and with a big online following (Youtube and Instagram) her content is of high spec. Her drone aerial pictures are impressive and the places she visits tends to be picture postcard landscapes and beaches. 

I hate to say it , but it's "instagram goals". 


Instagram name: @dametraveler


This instagram feed promotes women friendly travel and empowers them to explore more places around the world. (Which is awesome btw)

The feed is built up with a collection of photographs with contributions made from female globetrotters using the hashtag #dametraveller 




Instagram name: @phar.east 


Since my trip to Russia, I've taken a keen interest in the Soviet history of the region. @phar.east showcases the architecture, design and history of the east with a specific colour theme going on, the pictures are moody and I feel that this newbie to Instagram deserve some attention.



I hope you've taken the time to check these guys out and I'll probably follow this post up with my favourite travel people to watch on youtube. 


Oh and incase you're wondering here's my instagram account: @travelkat91




Happy browsing!




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