5 Afternoon teas around the world.

August 24, 2017




In honour of Afternoon tea week, I thought it was only right to compile a list of the best places to indulge in the best of the best in finger sandwiches and tea.


These places are not overly budget friendly, one in particular is far from it. However, everyone deserves a little treat now and again!

The next post will be budget friendly, I promise...


1. Anti:Dote Lounge, Singapore


Set in the Fairmont hotel in Singapore, Anti:Dote presents their afternoon tea in an unusual  white drawer jewellery chest layered with a mix of sweet and savouries. 

Some of the delicacies include: Pickled beetroot cream, Boston Maine lobster rolls, lychee macaron and passion fruit chocolate cake. 


I've decided to add this one on the list instead of the classic Raffles hotel afternoon tea, simply because the recent reviews about Anti:Dote are much better. 


Afternoon tea is served between Monday to Thursday (3pm-5pm) Prices start around £39.00  



2.  The Rubens at the Palace, London


It felt natural to include one from London: the home of the Afternoon tea, and what's more royal than having dainty delights at the Palace. 

This a very traditional style afternoon tea, and even the view out the window is very "British", the Royal Mews is directly opposite where you can watch the comings and goings.


Sandwiches include Fillet of Castle Mey beef and horseradish cream and Arboath smokie cream and chive. The pastries and cakes also include high quality British ingredients;orange scented scones with Devonshire clotted cream and a luxurious red velvet cupcake. 


Whats more, the Rubens recently commended in the 2017 Afternoon tea awards. (Surely that's something...)

Afternoon tea is served between (2pm-4:30pm) 

Prices are varied between (26-£40) 






3. Sea Lounge, Mumbai, India.


After a hot day, nothing would be more refreshing that an afternoon tea sit down.

Situated on the first floor of the Taj Mahal Palace overlooking the Arabian Sea,  this place is considered an institution in Mumbai.

The afternoon tea hosts a balance between quintessential colonial English delicacies  and Indian street food. Their signature Taj House blend is a mixture of Assam and Darjeeling tea's.

The familiar scones and jam are included and crustless finger sandwiches are present, however, I like the sound of the bite sized portions of Sev puri (Spiced potatoes with onions and chutney) or the  Bhelpuri (puffed rice, vegetables and tamarind sauce), very authentic!






Dress code is smart casual (Whatever that means exactly)

Afternoon tea is served between 4pm-7pm

Prices start from around (£40 each)




4.  Burj Al Arab, Dubai 


This next destination was close to not making the cut, and that's purely because I want my blog to focus around the budget travel ethos. However, having said that this seems to be the crown jewel of it all when it comes to afternoon tea,  and bear in mind that this is set in a 7 star hotel and has sky high views across the UAE.  This really is the most luxurious afternoon tea in the world. If you  don't have the bank balance to stay overnight at this hotel, then making an afternoon tea reservation is probably the best way to experience the Burj Al Arab! (The hotel doesn't let you visit unless you have a booking)



There are two ways to really indulge in afternoon tea and they are at the Skyview bar, or at the Sahn Eddar restaurant.  

The Skyview bar has two sittings throughout the day and an additional cost is added if you want a window seat.  The ultimate afternoon tea consists of  a 7 course set menu, ranging from berry tartlets, chef's carvery, French pastries, a refreshing rose sorbet and a fine selection of tea.


For an over the top, and very Dubai-esque afternoon expect to pay around £130 per person and of course dress smartly for the occasion! 





5. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya.


After a lot of research and reading reviews I thought I should include this one. Giraffe manor is famous on Instagram and the cost of staying overnight here is pretty pricey, however the afternoon tea experience is reasonable. Giraffe manor is exactly what it is says it is, wild giraffes roam the 12 acres around the hotel and can occasionally poke their heads into the windows and terraces of the property.


Every first floor room is equipped with a feeding bucket to offer to the Giraffes, probably best after you've had your own finger sandwiches, scones and coffee. 

I feel that you aren't paying for the chef's culinary talents here, you are paying for the wild experience of being in amongst these fascinating creatures and at $50 per person I feel that this is a really great price!



Booking is recommended as they only allow limited numbers per day and it is served between (4:30pm-6:30pm)






I've kept this list relatively short, well for my style of writing anyways. I could have added more venues and more unusual haunts, I'm off to London next week so maybe I'll add in a couple more after then!


Comment down below which one you'd love to try.. 






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