Snapshot: Notting Hill Carnival

October 15, 2017


It's  Sunday evening and I wanted to post something up on my site, I've decided on something a little different for tonight and have resisted writing lots of guides and tips and much more general information.

This week I thought I'd show you some of my photographs from this year's Notting Hill Carnival, in essence a snapshot of this wonderful carnival. 


I'll post up a more informative piece all about London's Notting Hill Carnival later in the year, in the meantime this is what I saw during the bank holiday weekend in August.




 All throughout the neighbourhood there is interesting street art, this year in particular there was an abundance and as you can see from the previous image, it was happening even on Carnival days. 


 Prior to heading to the carnival, we  stopped around the markets on Portobello road. Great for vintage and retro hunters.

 Monday morning, the first band of the day.




 Jerk Chicken, spicy rice and plantain was on offer from one of the many street vendors there. 




The wild animal theme was a particular favourite. 





 London's Samba school put on a great show!



 Of course, the classic Notting Hill terraced houses were going to be in this gallery somewhere, this one was my dream house I have to admit. I could post endless doorways, and pastel coloured images but this will do for the meantime. 



On a more somber note, this year's carnival was a difficult reminder of the victims of the Grenfell tower disaster which happened nearby to the Carnival route. There was a respectful two minutes silence and campaigners encouraged performers and visitors to wear green as a sign of respect for the victims and families.

If you'd like more information on this, I've left a link below where they are still accepting donations.



I hope you've enjoyed looking through some of my pictures, feel free to comment down below. 



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