LGBTQ Pride 2018 Events around the world.

June 14, 2018

With Edinburgh's Pride festival this month, it got me thinking about the other Pride events that happened around the world over the summer.

This post will showcase the destinations around the world where they celebrate all things LGBTQ and stick two fingers up to discrimination. 



A little background...

In 1969 the Stonewall Inn Gay club on Christopher Street, Manhattan was raided by police,  a common practice for the time. However, on that particular night the patrons decided enough was enough and fought back. A protest broke out and throughout the night clashes between the community and the police occurred. That night in history ignited the beginning of the LGBTQ community movement. 

The first Gay pride parade was in 1970 in New York City. Back then it was called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March and that event was the anniversary to commemorate the Stonewall riots. Since then and through the decades cities around the world have celebrated with events ever since. 



New York


New York's Pride is vert apt considering that's where the movement began. There are many different events happening in NYC. 

One event is called the "Game Changers" conference where a panel of professionals will talk about the successes of those in the transgender community in the entertainment industry. 

Another great event is the Pride Rally where thousands will gather to take a stand to represent their community. 110 floats will go down Fifth Avenue and continue on till 16th Street.

Pride Island is also said to be very popular choice, near Pier 97 on the Hudson river. The live music event will showcase legendary singers such as Kylie Minogue, DJ Grind and Tove Lo. Tickets must be pre purchased prior to the event.

New York pride runs from 14th June to 25th June. 





In Berlin, the Gay Pride is known as CSD (Christopher Street Day)  and is one of the biggest parades in Europe. The most popular event is the Parade which last two hours and passes the famous Brandenburg Gate.  There will be stage performances which include a combo of music, entertainment and political groups. 

There is also a very interesting lecture at the Schwules Museum called "Give AIDS no chance"  which describes the AIDS epidemic from those affected to contemporary witnesses to sufferers and dependants. 

Another indoor event is the showing of a documentary film about a dancer called "Cruising in High Heels"  at the Maxim Gorki Theater.

Berlin Gay Pride runs from Saturday 28th July, but look here for more events earlier in July.







Brighton hosts the U.K's biggest LGBTQ event. Brighton is already well known for it's inclusive, diverse community and visitors flock here from all around the world to celebrate. All throughout the city and along the coast there are dance tents, cabaret, and live music. Global music names such as Paloma Faith, Boy George and Britney Spears will perform on stages in Preston Park (Tickets available online).

One new event is Queer Town a boutique area where comedy, burlesque and performance art will be performed. One for all the family is the Pride Dog Show. This dog show includes a dog catwalk fashion show, and a classic  judging of the best in show. There will also be food and market stalls all around Preston Park. 

The most popular event is the Parade which has over 300,000 people participating and this years theme is "Colour my world" in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Rainbow flag.  Many floats, bands and dancers will create a very unique event. 

The Brighton Pride runs from 3rd - 5th August. 




Stockholm's Pride began in 1998 and is now the largest LGBTQ event in Scandinavia. This year the event is twinned with the Swedish city of Gothenburg. More information on Gothenburg found here.

The heart of this event is at Pride Park, where they create Stockholm's largest music festival. This year's highlight is a performance from Eurovision's Conchita (Pre book tickets now). Other concerts, workshops and debates take place and the past two years the Swedish President attended and a formal panel was formed to answer audience questions. Very liberal! 


In Stockholm's Royal Park there is a "Run for Pride" fun run which is a charity based 5 or 10km event. After the race you can relax at the Cinema Queer Film Festival which offers films that question, discuss and look beyond the norms and focuses on stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Stockholm Pride has lots of parties all over the city in many night clubs and the main Parade takes place in Pride Park between July 27th-August 5th 




The premise around Reykjavik's Gay Pride is that all of Iceland can come together to celebrate living in freedom. The event has been rapidly growing in size since 1999 and has evolved into a six day celebration. 


One of the most colourful events is literally painting a rainbow on the streets of Reykjavik. Paintbrushes will be available and a giant Pride rainbow will be painted to make the formal beginnings of the 6 day event. This event is free and run by artistic volunteers. 

Another event is a lecture based around Trans Children and teens in Iceland and the lecture will discuss the trans movement and the legal situation in the country. This discussion will take place at the Student Cellar in the University. 

One event that is completely unique only to Iceland is the Queer Cruise, an Icelandic sail boat that travels around the islands of Reykjavik and the cruise will feature music produced by famous Icelandic resident Siggi Gunnars and there is a open top bar on board too. 

Over the course of the six days, the capital hosts a variety of Drag performances, classical music performances, student discussion panels and Children friendly events.

Look here for more information. Reykjavik Pride runs from 7th - 12th August. 



End Note


I hope you've enjoyed this blog post, something a little different for my website. I had so many destinations to choose from whilst I was doing my research as most of the North American cities have something on over the summer. As for New Zealand and Australia, they seem to have their events in winter time. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

I have included a list of all the places Pride takes place here if you want more information.

*Edinburgh's Pride will run on Saturday 16th June. 


Leave a comment below if you've ever been to a Pride festival.

Kat . 






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