2019 Flight deals (Winter Edition)

December 24, 2018


As you may well know I am an obsessive flight hunter.


I've compiled a list of flight bargains from early 2019 until the spring time. The flights are one-way and most of them are from Scotland (a few London ones too).

The flights are separated by airline and appropriate weblinks can be found below.  

I have selected certain dates to show you the exact price.


*Top Tip: Sign up to airline newsletters so you can get a first look at some cracking deals!


Just before I show you the cream of the crop, here are 3 tips to help you secure these cheap flights...


1. Clear your cookies or go "Incognito" 


It's beneficial to do this step so that the airline websites won't track your activity or record your movements on searches. If you don't then when you return to look again at flights, the prices will have risen. 


On Google Chrome instructions on clearing cookies can be found here 


2. Look for flights on desktop


If you are searching for flights on a mobile phone/tablet then some features won't show up. For example on Easy Jet on Desktop mode it offers users the "Look for lowest fare" button, on mobile mode it does not show this feature. 

Also airlines have a calendar option which shows prices, this can be clearly and more easily seen on desktop mode. 


3. Search individual flight companies (If you can be bothered)


If you are in the mood for a good old search, I recommend clicking onto the airline's websites and avoid using a search engine. Don't get me wrong I use flight search engines all the time (such as Kayak and Skyscanner). However, the likes of Norwegian air, IcelandAir and Ryanair will have seat sales on which won't be seen on flight engines.  

*Top tip: Ryanair will have seat sales regularly, but the sale usually is for a few days, so you need to act fast.



Ok, so onto my top picks for this winter season..


*Remember all prices are one-way 





Edinburgh to Derry (Northern Ireland)

Thursday 28th March - £9.99 


Edinburgh to Carcassone (South of France) 

Saturday 13th April - £25.49


Edinburgh to Milan (Italy)

Tuesday 26th March - £26.51

Wednesday 10th April - £26.51 


Aberdeen to Alicante (Spain)

Sunday 24th February - £22.98 


London Stanstead to Carcassone (South of France)

Wednesday 6th March -£12.99






Edinburgh to Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Tuesday 22nd January - £25.18

Wednesday 22nd January - £25.18

Sunday 24th February - £30.23


Edinburgh to Copenhagen (Denmark) 

Monday 4th February - £23.16 

Monday 18th March - £23.99 


Wow Air 


Edinburgh to Reykjavik 

Tuesday 4th June - £58.90 (Ok, yeah so this is a summer flight..)


London Gatwick to Reykjavik 

Wednesday 6th March - £29.99

Tuesday 2nd April - £29.99 


London Gatwick to Boston (USA)

Friday 1st February £149.99

Friday 1st March £149.99





Jet 2 Flights

Edinburgh to Antalya (Turkey) 

Friday 15th March - £64.00 


Edinburgh to Salzburg (Austria)

Saturday 12th January - £25.00

Saturday 19th January - £25.00 

Saturday 23rd February - £25.00


Glasgow to Malta  

Thursday 7th March - £39.00

Thursday 14th March - £39.00


*Jet 2 flights have special offers on their main page. 


Norwegian Air


Edinburgh to New York (USA)

Friday 18th January - £157.40 

Friday 25th January - £157.40

Wednesday 6th February - £157.40 


London Gatwick to Santorini (Greece)

Saturday 20th April - £60.80 

*A much quieter time to visit, whilst the weather still being warm. 




Wizz Air 


Aberdeen to Gdansk (Poland) 

Monday 11th February - £41.99

Monday 25th February - £36.99 



Glasgow to Budapest (Hungary) 

Tuesday 26th February - £22.99

Saturday 2nd March - £22.99



Ok, so I hope you've managed to get some great deals. Let me know if you end up booking somewhere at bargain basement prices!




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