Photo Gallery: Belize Zoo

January 1, 2019


I have accumulated many, many pictures from my travels so far and I wanted to share the cream of the crop with you all. 

One of the reasons for my travel blog is to share my photographs and this particular post is all about my visit to Belize Zoo in November, 2018. 


Belize Zoo 


We were staying in Belize City for 2 nights and at the top of my list was a visit to Belize Zoo. In actual fact the Zoo is an education and rehabilitation centre. First opened in 1983, the zoo was used initially as a home and sanctuary for wild animals who were used in a documentary film all about the regions tropical forests. 


Fast forward to 2018 and the zoo is an education centre which is home to over 170 animals which have been orphaned, rescued or rehabilitated. All of the wildlife are native to the area, and with that the Zoo tries to bring the local people closer to the animals and encourages them to be proud of their national animals and help to protect them.


How to get to the Zoo: 


We took a public bus from Belize city right to the door step of the Zoo. Belize Bus terminal is pretty basic and we asked around for directions and advice but in all honesty it was pretty limited. 

Eventually we managed to find the right bus to the zoo and the destination was for"Belmopan".

Board the bus and the conductor will collect the ticket money after the bus departs. The journey time to the zoo took around 45 minutes.

At the time of writing the bus fare was $6 BD - £2.30 for a single journey.

Always check with the conductor about your final destination.  

The bus stop for the Zoo is at the side of a main highway, but it is clearly signposted. 




Practical Information: 

Entrance fee into the Zoo is $15US for foreign adults. $5US for Foreign Children. 

Belizean adults can enter for $7US.  


The Zoo is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm (Last admission: 4.15pm)

If you want to visit when it's slightly cooler, get there super early. 




Tours of the Zoo:

An official tour of the zoo can be arranged through the main reception and it can be tailored to your time limits and personal interests.  

However you can explore the zoo at your own leisure and there are plenty of information boards around to tell you about the animals. 



There is an onsite canteen, but it is pretty expensive and basic. It's useful if you want to get some bottled water.

There is also a gift shop that sells locally handcrafted gifts and Zoo related items. 








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