LGBTQ Pride Events 2019

June 9, 2019

This is the second year in a row I have shared the LGBTQ events that are happening around the world. See what's happening where you are in 2019...



A little background history.


In 1969 the Stonewall Inn Gay club on Christopher Street, Manhattan was raided by police,  a common practice for the time. However, on that particular night the patrons decided enough was enough and fought back. A protest broke out and throughout the night clashes between the community and the police occurred. That night in history ignited the beginning of the LGBTQ community movement. 

The first Gay pride parade was in 1970 in New York City. Back then it was called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March and that event was the anniversary to commemorate the Stonewall riots. Since then and through the decades cities around the world have celebrated with events ever since. 


New York World Pride

Sunday 30th June, 2019.


This year New York's Pride is celebrating it's 50th anniversary and it is the largest celebration in the world with the Pride Parade taking place on 26th Street and 5th Avenue. The Pride Parade is free and over 3 million people attend so get in quick with accommodation!

Other events include a cinematic experience celebrating the community with films over 3 nights (from 17th June). 

There is also a human rights conference, with panel discussions and guest speakers - one notable guest is George Takei. 

More family orientated events include Cosplay events and the Westchester Pride which has food stalls, shopping opportunities and Drag Queen shows on offer. 

For the party animals there are rooftop parties, a night time celebration at the NYC Botanical Garden and DJ sets throughout Brooklyn. 


The MET museum are also showcasing a fashion event called "CAMP" until September detailing the origins of the camp aesthetic. 




Edinburgh Pride

Saturday 22nd June, 2019


Edinburgh's Pride march will be around the Old Town of the city, with the march to begin outside the Scottish Parliament at 11:30am before speeches by special guests on top of a double decker bus at 12 noon. The theme for this year is "This is Me" which celebrates diversity and personal identify. 

The festival will have live music, a health and community fair and specially invited activists.






Brighton Pride

2nd-4th August,2019 


Brighton hosts the U.K's biggest LGBTQ event. Brighton is already well known for it's inclusive, diverse community and visitors flock here from all around the world to celebrate. All throughout the city and along the coast there are dance tents, food stalls and Brighton Pride Dog show.

This year there is the largest Pride music event - Pride in The Park where Kylie Minogue and Clean Bandit are headlining. 

There is also a pleasure garden which will feature line dancing, musical cabaret and join the showbiz sensation Boogaloo Stu for frivolity, shenanigans and above all else bingo! 




Gay Pride Taipei, 2019


Gay pride in Taipei, Taiwan is one of the largest Pride events in Asia taking place on the last Saturday of October each year. Originally it started as a political rally back in 2003. 


Many Asian countries are not as gay-friendly as Taiwan. This year in particular was important for LGBTQ rights there when it was the 1st country in Asia to legalised gay marriage in the Spring of 2019.

As such, the Taiwan Gay Pride Parade attracts thousands and thousands of people from neighbouring countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, just to name a few.


The Taiwan Gay Pride Parade 2019 will start at 2pm from the Gay Pride Village (Kaidagelan Boulevard) then will move its way through the streets of Taipei before returning to the Gay Village for a huge party at the end. The Pride Parade features three different routes, that all end up back at the Gay Village. The parade lasts for roughly two hours and specific details of the different parade routes are still TBC, so stay tuned for more information. 



27th July-4th August,2019


Amsterdam is known worldwide as being one of the most inclusive cities and each year at the end of July they host Amsterdam Pride. This year's theme is "Remember the past, create the future" in commemoration of the Stonewall riots.

Over the week there are 300 different events to celebrate. It kicks off with Pride in the Park on July 27th in the Vondelpark area. Activities include a rainbow market, sports and games and open air theatre. There is also a photography exhibition by Robert Mapplethorpe showcasing curiosities about sexuality, the body and eroticism until July 31st.

There is a canal parade which takes place on Sunday 4th August where over 100 boats fill the historic canals and pass through the city. 



Arctic Pride, Tromso 

11th-16th November, 2019


High up in Norway's Arctic circle the Tromso Pride takes place precisely at 69 degrees North (The world's most northern Pride).

At 1pm the Pride March begins with a really colourful parade through the streets of Tromso. Their aim is to promote inclusive attitudes that discourage discrimination, incitement and persecution of skewers regardless of cultural background and in an international human rights perspective.


During your overnight stay you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the magical Northern Lights too. If you do choose to stay in Tromso, The Clarion Hotel in the town is gay friendly. 




Throughout the world there are several hundred events, down below I have written some of the dates, locations and links below:


Ljubljana Pride - 22nd June

Toronto Pride - 23rd June

Barcelona Pride - 29th June

San Francisco Pride - 29th June

London Pride - 6th July 

Cologne Pride - 6th July

Munich Pride 13th July





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