Flight deals Autumn 2019

August 15, 2019


This week on my Facebook page - Travel Kat I am sharing all things related to air travel and with that comes flight deals. 

I religiously look online for the best deal, it is my favourite hobbie! I bagged £7.99 flights to Romania last week.


I wanted to share the best deals I have come across lately. 

The flights will be based out of the U.K. as most of my readers are from there. 

All flights are based on economy class - this is a budget travel blog after all!


From Edinburgh


Eindhoven (Netherlands) 

Flying with Ryanair both ways in September.


Eindhoven is 1 hour, 30 minutes by train to the centre of Amsterdam, and 1 hour to the city of Utrecht. A perfect city break location!



Sunday 1st September - £26.00 per person 

Sunday 8th September - £15.00 per person

Monday 23rd September - £18.00 per person



Flights returning are priced between £18.00 - £49.00 per person

Sunday 22nd September: £14.00 per person

Friday 27th September: £32.00 per person




From Edinburgh: 


Copenhagen (Denmark) 

Flying both ways with Ryanair in October.


Copenhagen is a beautiful city and easily explored on foot, head down to the historic harbour area of Nyhavn and see the brightly painted colourful houses. Or head to the cool neighbourhood of Vesterboro and sample the local craft beer.





Friday 4th October - £ 23.00 per person

Monday 7th October - £23.00 per person 

Wednesday 9th October - £12.00 per person 

Thursday 31st October - £12.00 per person




Wednesday 9th October - £16.00 per person 

Monday 7th October - £18.00 per person

Monday 21st October - £15.00 per person 




From London: 

All flights both ways are with Ryanair, some flying from London Luton or London Southend to Faro (Portugal)


Faro (Portugal) 

If you want some sunny weather head to the south of Portugal, Faro's Old Town has quaint little cobbled stone streets and Moorish architecture. 



Tuesday 1st October: £15.00 per person flying from Luton

Friday 11th October: £15.00 per person flying from Luton 


Wednesday 16th October: £10.00 per person from


Wednesday 23rd October: £10.00 per person from Southend.



Friday 4th October: £14.00 per person from Southend

Friday 11th October: £14.00 per person from Southend

Wednesday 23rd October: £14.00 from Luton



Long Haul flights

From London Heathrow with KLM

to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) in October and November, 2019.


If you want to experience the Middle East, but want a change from Dubai and feast your eyes on the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque then head to Abu Dhabi.



Thursday 10th October: £154.00 per person with KLM. 

Thursday 7th November: £169.00 per person with KLM.

Tuesday 19th November: £169.00 per person with KLM.

Thursday 14th November: £169.00 per person with KLM.



Wednesday 13th November: £193.00 per person with KLM.

Wednesday 20th November: £193.00 per person with KLM.

Saturday 23rd November: £193.00 per person with KLM. 



From London Gatwick with Norwegian Air both ways

to New York City (JFK) in November & December, 2019.


Experience the Big apple in the run up to the festive season, go ice-skating , see the magical Christmas lights or maybe dive straight into an American Thanksgiving.



Saturday 2nd November until Friday 22nd November all flights are: £139.90 per person.


Tuesday 3rd December: £109.90 per person

Tuesday 10th December: £109.90 per person

Christmas Eve: £164.90 per person



Monday 4th November until Friday 29th November all flights are: £109.90 per person


Friday 6th December until Thursday 12th December all flights are: £139.90 per person


From Edinburgh


From Edinburgh with Wizz Air both ways to St Petersburg (Russia) flying in October & November, 2019


Delve into St. Petersburg's rich history, see the Hermitage Palace, The Winter Palace, the many ornate cathedrals and experience a truly Russian Winter. 



Wednesday 2nd October: £60.00 per person

Thursday 24th October: £63.00 per person

Tuesday 19th November:£66.00 per person

Saturday 30th November: £66.00 per person


Wednesday 9th October: £59.00 per person

Tuesday 22nd Octover: £55.00 per person

Thursday 14th November: £55.00 per person

Thursday 28th November: £66.00 per person





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